Our Mission:

Connect startups.

At the intersection of technology, startups and politics the non-profit Urban Innovation Association conducts highly collaborative events bringing startups, smart city experts and politicians into close contact.


Our Mission

We help startups to unfold their potential in order to scale their business in Switzerland, the global test bed, and open doors to the Swiss administration. New technologies enable us to improve the quality of life in cities. These technologies range from innovative mobility solutions, renewable energies, smart building technologies to new forms of working and collaboration. New technologies promoted by dynamic Swiss and international startups are developing new ways of working, living and relaxing.

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Our Impact

The Urban Innovation Association builds on a very experienced advisory board and close partnerships with Kickstart Innovation, Climate-KIC and ESA Business Incubation Center. Among our board members are politicians and we have access to innovation friendly politicians on every level. Through our network and expertise, we can open doors and foster dialogue between politicians, the administration and startups. We conduct speaker series on relevant smart city topics and support our partners. In short, we can help startups to empower and scale their business in Switzerland.




We had startups from China, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.




We had participants from various political parties, government branches, entrepreneurs and the press.



events in 2018 and 2019

We started in November 2018, continued in April 2019 and will have our next event in October 2019.


Our Events

We organise highly interactive impact sprints for innovative startups alongside politicians and member of the administration.

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23 february 2019

Urban Innovation Association in the news


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Get Involved

Are you a smart city startup who wants to interact with the government or politics? Are you a politician? Or are you just enthusiastic about smart city innovation? Whatever it is, get in contact with us and get involved!